Saturday, June 17, 2017

Blade 200 S Safety Labels

If you have and are flying one or more Blade 200 S RC helicopters, then you must be familiar with the following list of safety labels to ensure your safety as well as other's people safety, pets safety, and property safety around you.

Blade 200 S RC Helicopters

The following safety labels are derived from the Blade 200 S Instruction Manual, pretty much verbatim.

WARNING Read the ENTIRE [Blade 200 S] instruction manual to become familiar with the features of the product before operating. Failure to operate the product correctly can result in damage to the product, personal property andcause serious injury. Probability of Serious Injury
WARNING Stay at least 30 feet (10 meters) away from the helicopter when the motor is running. Probability of
Serious Injury
WARNING To ensure your safety, always disconnect the motor wires from the ESC before performing [gain adjustment or servo adjustment] steps. After you have completed the adjustments, reconnect the motor wires to the ESC before attempting to fly the model. Probability of Serious Injury
WARNING Before beginning the calibration procedure, disconnect the main motor and tail motor leads to prevent accidental motor startup during calibration. Probability of Serious Injury
WARNING If you ever need to replace your Spektrum receiver found in a Horizon Hobby product, always purchase from Horizon Hobby, LLC or a Horizon Hobby authorized dealer to  ensure authentic high-quality Spektrum product. Horizon Hobby, LLC disclaims all support and warranty with regards, but not limited to, compatibility and performance of counterfeit products or products claiming compatibility with DSM or Spektrum technology. Probability of Serious Injury
CAUTION Keep pets and other animals away from the helicopter. Animals may injure themselves if they attack or run toward the helicopter. Possibility of Serious Injury
CAUTION Always disconnect the Li-Po battery from the aircraft when not flying to avoid over-discharging the battery. Batteries discharged to a voltage lower than the lowest approved voltage may become damaged, resulting in loss of  performance and potential fire when batteries are charged. Possibility of Serious Injury
CAUTION All instructions and warnings must be followed exactly. Mishandling of Li-Po batteries can result in a fire, personal injury and/or property damage. Possibility of Serious Injury
CAUTION Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Possibility of Serious Injury
CAUTION Do not connect to AC and DC power sources at the same time. Doing so may cause a short circuit, resulting in damage to the product, personal injury or property damage. Possibility of Serious Injury
CAUTION Connecting the battery to the ESC with reversed polarity will cause damage to the ESC, the battery or both. Damage caused by incorrectly connecting the battery is not covered under warranty. Possibility of Serious Injury
NOTICE If the main motor or tail motor do not startup properly when throttle is first applied, immediately return the throttle to idle and try again. If the problem persists,disconnect the flight battery, check for binding in the gear train and ensure no wires have become entangled within the gears. Small Possibility of Injury
NOTICE Charge only batteries that are cool to the touch and are not damaged. Look at the battery to make sure it is not damaged e.g., swollen, bent, broken or punctured. Small Possibility of Injury
NOTICE If the flight battery strap is pulled too tight, it may result in a vibration or the tail rotor may drift to the right during flight. If you experience either of these issues, loosen the strap slightly and fly again. Small Possibility of Injury
NOTICE If the main rotor blades are spinning counterclockwise, reduce the throttle to low immediately. Disconnect the battery from the helicopter and reverse any two motor wire connections to the ESC and repeat the motor control test. Small Possibility of Injury
NOTICE Always connect cable polarities correctly. Consult the battery instructions, safety sheet or products upport before using a 12V battery with sources other than a standard AC wall outlet. Small Possibility of Injury
NOTICE Repeated flying to LVC will damage the battery Small Possibility of Injury

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