Saturday, May 6, 2017

Blade 200 S Instruction Manual Observations and Questions

Here are my notes, observations and questions relative to the Blade 200 S Instruction Manual.


Page 3: The length appears to be from the tip of the landing gear to the rear tip of the tail blade.  In real life, it's not uncommon to measure from the tip of the main blade to the tip of the tail blade... this would give a longer lenght.  Just an observation. 

Battery Charging

Page 4: Perhaps mention the different fail modes.

Installing the Flight Battery

Page 7: There appears to be velcro shipped with the rotorcraft that attaches to the battery and to the unit.  Is this right? And if so, is it safe? i.e., could it cause heating issues?

* Should there be a note on how the balancing charger works? My batteries have been charged as such:

Control Direction Tests

Page 9: The warning on this page says, "Stay at least 30 feet away from the helicopter when the motor is running." If most gymnasiums are 110 feet long by 60 feet wide, I would be interested in seeing a typical flight area depicted for the this rotorcraft.  For outdoor fields it would also be nice to see information similiar to the AMA RC Flying Site Specification.

Flying the 200 S

Page 11: Text reads, "... make sure the battery charge does not fall below 3V per cell".  To be truly RTF, wouldn't it be nice to include a battery checker in the package.

Post Flight Inspection

Page 16: "Bearings" should be in all caps.

Parts Explosion / Replacement Parts

Page 18: The following items are missing from the section:
  • Vertical Tail Fin: Blade 230 S (BLH1514)
  • The two shaft bearings

Optional Parts

Page 19: A short statement as to what the AS3X programming cable is used for would be nice.

FCC Information

Page 21: The transmitter image does not depict the 5 cm distance relative to the Spektrum RC DXe Helicopter Transmitter that ships with the Blade 200 S RTF


A log book template would be nice at the end of the Instruction Manual.

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