Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rob Liguori is on Jeopardy

Apparently Rob Liguori is currently on a winning streak on Jeopardy (at least the last two days).  This is Rob Liguori, not me Robert Liguori, but a Rob Liguori, nonetheless. :)

Final Jeopardy Question

Come final Jeopardy, Rob was leading significantly and did not need to wager any money to win.  One of the contestants had zero dollars going into final jeopardy so was given $1000 and was excluded from final Jeopardy.

Rob Liguori's Final Jeopardy Question.

The final jeopardy theme song played while we all rooted on Rob...

Still waiting to see his answer, Rob looks confident that he got it right.

He got it with "Who is Capra?"

Rob didn't wage any money and won again... we'll get to see him again on the next episode of Jeopardy!

Rob Liguori smiling as he wins Jeopardy again

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