Saturday, March 18, 2017

RC Rotorcraft Maneuvers with a Blade 200 S

The following outline of the maneuvers is primarily derived from Helicopter Maneuvers Manual: A step-by-step illustrated guide to performing all helicopter flight operations by Ryan Dale (2014).  This is a great book, it's for life-sized helicopters; please buy it. :)

Each link below, provides a YouTube video demonstrating the maneuver with a Blade 200 S remote control helicopter.

Fleet: Speck, Spot, Spicoli, Spirit and Sphinx

Ground Operations

Basic Maneuvers

  • Straight-and-Level Flight
  • Normal Climbs
  • Normal Descents
  • Level Turns
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration

Airport Operations

  • Normal Takeoff from a Hover
  • Normal Takeoff from the Surface
  • Traffic Pattern Operations
  • Normal Approach to a Hover
  • Normal Approach to the Surface
  • Go-Around Procedure

Performance Operations

  • Maximum Performance Takeoff and Climb
  • High Altitude (Running) Takeoff
  • High Altitude (Running) Landing
  • Steep Approach to a Hover
  • Steep Approach to the Surface
  • Rapid Decelerations (Quick Stops)

Off-Airport Operations

  • Slope Operations
  • High/Low Reconnaissance
  • Confined Area Operations
  • Pinnacle/Platform Operations

Emergency Operations

  • Straight-In Autorotation with Power Recovery
  • 180 Autorotation with Power Recovery
  • Power Failure at a Hover (Hovering Autorotation)
  • Power Failure at Altitude (Forced Landings)
  • Low Rotor RPM Recognition and Recovery
  • Settling-With-Power
  • Tail Rotor Failure

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