Thursday, March 2, 2017

200 S RTF with SAFE Technology

I just ordered my first Remote Control (RC) Helicopter...

This helicopter is over .55 pounds.  It's actually 10.2 ounces which is .6375 pounds.

What I like best about this model is it's features...

  • SAFE® Technology: Allows the helicopter to recover to a stable hover should the pilot get in trouble with orientation
  • Durability: Overall durability improvements from the previous model
  • Multiple Flight Modes: 3 distinct flight modes from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced allow the model to grow with the user as their skill increases
  • Brushless Main Motor: Better power and efficiency allow for long flight times
  • Brushless Direct Drive Tail Motor: Larger motor keeps the tail holding solidly even through the most demanding maneuvers
  • Digital Metal Gear Servos: Improved durability, responsiveness, and performance
  • Spektrum™ DXe Transmitter (SPMR1000H): Genuine Spektrum transmitter can be used with other entry level helicopters and airplanes
  • 3S Battery: 800mah 11.1v lipo battery provides long flight time, up to 10 minutes
  • AC Charger: Convenient charging included

  • The unit hasn't arrived yet in the mail, but I'm excited about flying it... just needed to figure out where and when.  If anyone knows a great place to fly this RC Heli in South Jersey, please let me know! :)

    Blade 200 S RC Helicopters

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    I've decided to shut down and sell the source code. If anyone is looking to purchase the related source, you can find it...