Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to get your recreational helicopter pilot license

Here are seven things to do to get your recreational helicopter pilot license.
  • Buy a few things
  • Get your student pilot certificate
  • Get medically evaluated
  • Find a flight instructor / flight school and target rotorcraft
  • Pass the helicopter knowledge exam
  • Pass the helicopter practical exam
  • (Acquire the appropriate aeronautical experience)
Helicopters flying over Ocean City, NJ

1. Buy a few things (my recommendations)...

2. Get your Student Pilot Certificate

Register for your Student Pilot certificate from Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA).  It's free.  You will need to be 16 and be able to read, speak and write the English Language.

3. Get medically evaluated

Get medically evaluated from a Aviation Medical Examiner.  
Learn more on medical requirements from 14 CFR Part 67, Subpart D - Third-Class Airman Medical Certificate.

4. Find a flight instructor / flight school and target rotorcraft 

Answer these two questions:

5. Pass the Recreational Helicopter Pilot Knowledge Exam

Sign up for, sit and pass the RECREATIONAL PILOT – ROTOTCRAFT/HELICOPTER (RPH) relative to 14 CFR 61.97 - Aeronautical knowledge.  It is best that you attend a good ground school to assist in acquiring the appropriate knowledge.  You will also need a logbook endorsement or test preparedness authorization.  Note; You may get authorized by ASA Prepware after passing two practice tests at 80% or higher.  To pass the actual exam, you'll need 70% or higher.

6. Pass the Recreational Helicopter Pilot Practical Exam

For a helicopter rating, you must be proficient in the following:
  • Preflight preparation;
  • Preflight procedures;
  • Airport and heliport operations;
  • Hovering maneuvers;
  • Takeoffs, landings and go-arounds;
  • Performance maneuvers;
  • Ground reference maneuvers;
  • Navigation;
  • Emergency operations; 
  • Postflight procedures.

The following is achieved through flight training and a log book endorsement.  Here is a demonstration of the practical exam.

7. (Acquire the appropriate aeronautical experience)

Accomplish 30 hours of flight time that includes the hours as defined by 14 CFR 61.99 - Aeronautical experience.

* Simulation support

Consider setting up X-Plane to support your learning.

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