Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Do lobsters come in different colors?

Lobsters are brown, olive-green or gray before being cooked. It's rare but different colored lobsters have been caught.  See where some different colored lobsters (e.g., blue, albino, two-tone and yellow) have been caught.

And here's a little info and pictures of different colored lobsters...

Lobster Color Chance of Catching
Blue One in 2 million
Red (before being cooked) One in 10 million
Calico  One in 30 million
Yellow One in 30 million
Bright Orange One in 30 million
Two-tone One in 50 million
Albino (Crystal) One in 100 million

Therefor, since Maine catches 104 million lobsters every two years, then we can expect the following colored lobsters to be caught every two years...

Blue Lobster

Red Lobster

Billy Bob Faulkingham

Calico Lobster

Yellow lobster

Bright Orange Lobster

Two-tone lobster

Albino Lobster

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