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Data-Driven Documents (D3) - JavaScript library

D3ChartExamples on GitHub

'just watched a great into to D3 (a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data)... here's the video followed by most of the the links presented in the video, and a few additional ones I added...

Introduction to D3.js by Curran Kelleher; April 2015

Data-Driven Documents (D3) - JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data

Protovis - predecessor to D3

D3.js charts libraries (easy to get running)

These D3-based Javascript libraries were the easiest for me to test out with a pie chart component.
  • NVD3 - Re-usable charts for d3.js 
  • c3 - D3-based reusable chart library
  • dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library
  • Epoch - A general purpose real-time charting library for building beautiful, smooth, and high performance visualizations. 
  • dimple - An object-oriented API for business analytics powered by d3.
  • xCharts - A D3-based library for building custom charts and graphs.
  • D4 - D4 is a friendly charting DSL for D3. The goal of D4 is to allow developers to quickly build data-driven charts with little knowledge of the internals of D3.
  • uvCharts -  We have all your basic charting needs covered and we're busy brewing more.
  • Vega - Vega is a visualization grammar, a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing interactive visualization designs.
  • Plottable.js - Flexible, interactive charts for the web. 
  • plotly.js - The open source JavaScript graphing library that powers plotly 
  • D3.js charts libraries
  • mpld3D3 Renderings of Matplotlib Graphics
  • Ember Charts - A charting library built with the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks. It includes time series, bar, pie, and scatter charts which are easy to extend and modify.
  • glimpse.js - graphBuilder is an easy way to create multi series line or area graphs with minimal code.
  • TechanJS - A visual, stock charting (Candlestick, OHLC, indicators) and technical analysis library built on D3. Build interactive financial charts for modern and mobile browsers.
  • Firespray - Streaming charts library developed by Boundary
  • Micropolar - Micropolar is a minimalist polar chart library based on a flexible polar axis implementation. GitHub
  • Gneisschart - An R package for drawing charts by Quartz's Gneisschart
  • wq/chart.js - wq/chart.js is a module providing reusable charts powered by the excellent d3.js library.
  • DexCharts - A reusable component framework for visualization and data manipulation.
  • LPChart - Simple JavaScript charts for Little Printer publications
  • react-d3 - Modular React charts made with d3.js

D3.js charts libraries (time series)

  • Cubism.js - Cubism.js is a D3 plugin for visualizing time series.
  • Rickshaw - Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs.
  • MetricsGraphics.jsMetricsGraphics.js is a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data.

D3.js charts libraries (angular)

  • n3-charts - Awesome charts for Angular
  • Angular-charts - Charts make data easy, coding them should not be hard
  • Radian - Plotting with AngularJS

D3.js charts libraries (recent builds?)

  •  jsplotlib - A matplotlib/MATLAB (TM) -inspired library for creating interactive plots with d3.js
  • PykCharts.js - Well designed d3.js charting without the complexity of d3.js 
  • Dance.js -Dance.js is a simple data-driven visualization framework. It's basically a flavor of Backbone.js, but enriched with some of the ideas of the very popular D3.js visualization framework.

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  1. In the case of a framework, your code is called by it. In the case of a library, your code call it. Rails is a framework, and provides libraries too.

    I have a love/hate relationship with frameworks. That's why I struggled for months, what to do with the ideas that we're now calling hexagonal.js. I didn't want it to be a framework. That would ruin the whole experience.


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