Tuesday, August 8, 2017

OXY 3 Parts Needed

This blog post lists the parts needed to build and operate an OXY 3.... but first an Oxy 3 unboxing video!

Needed to Complete (some suggestions)





  • Xnova 4100kv 2216 4S
  • FBL: Ikon 2 (Ikon2001) 

Some Photos

Oxy 3 Kit
Staring and Oxy 3 Build
Glimpse into the Oxy 3 kit

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Epic RC Helicopter Crash

Trying my luck at approaches... was able to capture this epic crash into the helipad at 14:34...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Assassination Attempts on the President of the United States

This blog post looks at the history of U.S. presidential assassination attempts while using d3.js, dc.js and crossfilter as it's core technologies. This quick example of crossfilter ties together a pie chart, a row chart (horizontal bar chart) and a datatable. The source code follows the components.

The example here represents assassination attempts, rumored assassinations and assassinations on American presidents.  The dataset was compiled from information presented by wikipedia.

The components shown here in this blog (e.g., pie and bar charts) are clickable.

Parties Targeted

Assassination Type


President Party Type

<!DOCtype html>
<html lang="en">
<div class="container">
    <div id="parties-id"><h4>Parties Targeted</h4></div>
    <div id="type-id"><h4>Assassination Type</h4></div>
    <div id='table-id'><h4>Presidents</h4>
        <table  class='table table-hover' >
            <tr class='header'>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/twitter-bootstrap/4.0.0-alpha.5/css/bootstrap.min.css" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/css/dc.css" />
    <script src="https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/js/d3.js"></script>
    <script src="https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/js/crossfilter.js"></script>
    <script src="https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/js/dc.js"></script>
    <script atype="text/javascript">
        var assassinationData = [
            {president: 'Abraham Lincoln', party: 'Republican', atype: 'assassinated'},
            {president: 'James A. Garfield', party: 'Republican', atype: 'assassinated'},
            {president: 'William McKinley', party: 'Republican', atype: 'assassinated'},
            {president: 'John F. Kennedy', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'assassinated'},
            {president: 'Abraham Lincoln', party: 'Republican',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Abraham Lincoln', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'John F. Kennedy', party: 'Democratic',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Andrew Jackson', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'William Howard Taft', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Theodore Roosevelt', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Herbert Hoover', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Franklin D. Roosevelt', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Franklin D. Roosevelt', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Harry S. Truman', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Harry S. Truman', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Richard Nixon', party: 'Republican',  atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Richard Nixon', party: 'Republican',  atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Gerald Ford', party: 'Republican',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Gerald Ford', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Jimmy Carter', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Ronald Reagan', party: 'Republican',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'George H.W. Bush', party: 'Republican',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Bill Clinton', party: 'Democratic',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Bill Clinton', party: 'Democratic',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Bill Clinton', party: 'Democratic',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Bill Clinton', party: 'Democratic',atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'George W. Bush', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'George W. Bush', party: 'Republican', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Barack Obama', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Barack Obama', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Barack Obama', party: 'Democratic', atype: 'attempted-assassination'},
            {president: 'Zachary Taylor', party: 'Whig', atype: 'rumored-assassination'},
            {president: 'Warren G. Harding', party: 'Republican', atype: 'rumored-assassination'},

        // DATA, DIMENSIONS AND GROUPS        var ndx = crossfilter(assassinationData);
        partyDimension = ndx.dimension(function (d) {
            return d.party;
        partySumGroup = partyDimension.group()
        atypeDimension = ndx.dimension(function (d) {
            return d.atype;
        var atypeGroupCount = atypeDimension.group()
            .reduceCount(function (d) {
                return d.atype;
        modelDimension = ndx.dimension(function (d) {
            return d.model;
        var modelGroupCount = modelDimension.group()
            .reduceCount(function (d) {
                return d.model;

        //        //        // PRESIDENTIAL PARTIES INVOLVED IN ASSASSINATIONS (AND ATTEMPTS)        //        //
        var chart1 = dc.pieChart("#parties-id");
        chart1            .width(384)
            .title(function (d) {
                return d.value;

        //        //        // ASSASSINATION TYPES        //        //

        var chart2 = dc.rowChart("#type-id");
            .margins({top: 5, left: 10, right: 10, bottom: 20})

        //        //        // TABLE OF PRESIDENT, THEIR PARTIES AND ASSASSINATION TYPES        //        //
        var table1 = dc.dataTable("#table-id");
        table1            .width(250).height(800)
            .group(function (d) {
                return ' '            })

                function (d) {
                    return d.president;
                function (d) {
                    return d.party;
                function (d) {
                    return d.atype;





Friday, July 14, 2017

How to perform Blade 200 S Upgrades; Video Collection

Here are a few videos showing Blade 200 S upgrades.  Some of the videos are older showing Mircoheli upgrades... however, I currently use Lynx upgrade parts now exclusively.  Enjoy the videos. :)

Blade 200 S Tail Motor Replacement

Blade 200 S Tail Boom Replacement

Blade 200 S Main Blade Grips Replacement

Blade 200 S Landing Gear Replacement

Blade 200 S Main Blades Replacement

Blade 200 S Canopy Replacements

Friday, June 30, 2017

Upgrading the Blade 200 S with quality parts

Lynx Upgrades for the Blades 200 S

Cost to upgrade Blade 200 S with quality parts:

~ $ 143.64 + tax

# Description Upgrade Part # Price Quantity
1 Tail Rotor MountLX1814 (red)       $ 21.35 1
4 Main Blade Grip SetLX1280 (red) $ 27.25 1
5 Spindle Set LX1274 $ 2.95 2
6 Main Rotor Hub w/ hardwareLX1277 (red) $ 19.75 1
8 SwashplateLX1246 (red) $ 25.50 1
9 Pushrod Set LX1243 $ 4.99 4
10 Main steel shaft with collarLX1249 $ 7.00  1
11 Antirotation BracketLX1199 (red) $ 7.20 1
12 Main Gear with hardware LX1254 $ 20.15 1
16 Tail Rotor Blade SetLX3P200SRX-824 (yellow) $ 7.50              3

Blade 200 S Parts Explosion from Blade 200 S User Manual (page 18)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The source code for gliesians.com is for sale on Ebay.

I've decided to shut down gliesians.com and sell the source code.

If anyone is looking to purchase the related source, you can find it on Ebay being auctioned off as we speak. :)


Saturday, June 24, 2017

RC Rotorcraft Safety Lessons

Here are the first two of my RC Rotorcraft Safety Lessons


Flying RC Helicopters in Moderate and Fresh Breezes

Beaufort Scale, Winds and RC Helicopters

There are many more to come... let me know if you'd like coverage on anything?


OXY 3 Parts Needed

This blog post lists the parts needed to build and operate an OXY 3 .... but first an Oxy 3 unboxing video! Lynx OXY3-255 - Oxy 3 H...