Friday, July 1, 2016

Ten pieces of advice for Donald Trump

Donald Trump,

If you are listening, here's some advice for you...

1. Be Presidential.
2. Lead by example. Give us all positive ways to emulate you. 

3. Surround yourself with success.  Collaborate with leaders from various communities, races, and ethnicities.

4. Don't be hypocritical.  E.g., Make your goods in the U.S.A or don’t make them at all. 

5. Don’t be angry.  Anger is a learned behavior and brings no value. 

6. Research, research, research. Thoroughly know the spaces you intend to provide leadership on.

7. Understand causes.  Understand why failures exist such as hate and prejudices. 

8. Maintain healthy relationships.  Communicate effectively with everyone, even those you have fundamental differences of opinions with.   

9. Make others successful.  Help others succeed, even at things that you do best.

10. Ignore those under criminal investigation. Don’t comment on them, don’t respond to questions about them, don’t debate with them, don't take the stage with them.    

We care about what YOU can do to lead our country in being great again.  Please use your time to continuously prepare material for us in which you can share substantial information in regards to the benefits of our way of life and our freedom.  Each step forward should continue to be a positive one.  

Good luck with your presidency. Make us proud.