Friday, October 2, 2015

My Ancestral Surnames

My known 'pedigree' ancestral surnames are:

Maternal Surnames from West Yorkshire, England

Whitehead, Horsfield, Bailey, Mitchell, Manners and Shepherd
e.g., Otley, Ilkley, Pool, Burly in Wharfedale, Baildon Green, Wharfedale

Maternal Surnames from Calabria, Italy

Mesiano, Aversa, and Rizzelli/Rizzello, Andreacchi, Tassone
E.g., Pizzoni, Simbario, Pizzo, Catanzaro (Vibo Valentia), Calabria, Italy

Paternal Surnames from Troia, Foggia, Puglia, Italy

Liguori, Lizzi, Viola, Rezzolla, Lo Buono, De Leonardis, Caraccioli

Paternal Surnames from Naples, Italy

Vacca, Alefaco/Alefico, Esposito, Perrella
e.g., Quartiere San Ferdinando

Paternal Surnames from Caserta, Italy

Bove, Farina, Ziccardi, Colini

Paternal Surnames from Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy


Paternal Surnames from Palermo, Sicilia, Italy


You can see these names in a Pedigree chart.  He is my tree.

And here is part of my pedigree three in an image:

-- Robert

Monday, September 28, 2015

Top Features coming to , which was started 22 March 2014 has progressed to support various tools and utilities

Current Features

The web application currently includes:

  • Genealogy Utilities (e.g., Relationship Predictions)
  • Mapped-based and Tabular News
  • Guessing Games (e.g., Guessing the value of PI)
  • Various Gadgets  (e.g., Exchange Rate Calculator)


Upcoming Features

Additional features that are planned in the short term include:

  • More GEDCom Utilities
  • Golden Ratio Calculator
  • Gardening Tools

Thanks and please check out the site,-- Robert

Friday, September 25, 2015

What Stage of Life am I in?

The American Institute for Learning and Human Development lists Twelve Stages of Life.

I thought it would be cool to write a little utility that showed the approximate stage of life that one is at based on inputted birth year. You don't need to hit the Enter key, it updates on the fourth key-up character event.

Here it is, enjoy: (REMEMBER, DON'T HIT THE ENTER KEY, it set's the value to UNKNOWN)

And for those who are interested, here is the Java code that make's all this happen:

import java.time.LocalDate;
import java.time.Year;
import java.time.temporal.ChronoUnit;

public class MorganSenseUtilities {

  public static String determineStageOfLife(String birthYear) {

    if (birthYear.length() == 4) {

      String stageOfLife = "Unknown";
      String currentYear = "" +;
      Year birthYear1 = Year.parse(currentYear);
      Year birthYear2 = Year.parse(birthYear);
      long diff = ChronoUnit.YEARS.between(birthYear2, birthYear1);
      System.out.println("You are " + diff + " years old");

      if (diff < 0) {
        stageOfLife = "Unborn";
      } else if (diff >= 0 && diff < 3) {
        stageOfLife = "Infant";
      } else if (diff >= 3 && diff < 6) {
        stageOfLife = "Early Childhood";
      } else if (diff >= 6 && diff < 9) {
        stageOfLife = "Middle Childhood";
      } else if (diff >= 9 && diff < 12) {
        stageOfLife = "Late Childhood";
      } else if (diff >= 12 && diff < 20) {
        stageOfLife = "Adolescence";
      } else if (diff >= 20 && diff < 35) {
        stageOfLife = "Early Adulthood";
      } else if (diff >= 35 && diff < 50) {
        stageOfLife = "Midlife";
      } else if (diff >= 50 && diff < 80) {
        stageOfLife = "Mature Adulthood";
      } else if (diff >= 80 && diff < 124) {
        stageOfLife = "Late Adulthood";
      } else if (diff >= 124) {
        stageOfLife = "Resting";
      return stageOfLife;
    } else {
      return "Unknown";

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Life stage: " + MorganSenseUtilities.determineStageOfLife("1850"));
    System.out.println("Life stage: " + MorganSenseUtilities.determineStageOfLife("1975"));
    System.out.println("Life stage: " + MorganSenseUtilities.determineStageOfLife("2000"));

So then, what is your stage of life?

-- Robert

Saturday, September 19, 2015

This week's worst and the best of Ingress's Enlightened

Sometimes, it's just fun to sit back and watch the action unfold within the augmented reality game of Ingress.

Over the last couple days, I've been lucky enough to witness a variety of derps being set up by the frogs as well as BAFs.  Let's take a look at both.


Derps are unintentional blocking links which gate the successful completion of otherwise easy to close fields. Point of interest: derps are commonly setup by frogs with the word 'fox' in their handle/username. See if you can find the Enlightened derp in this image.

Enlightened Derp


BAFs are Big @ss Fields, in Ingress lingo.  Operation Blue County (OBC) shall have a BAF.  Today, the Enlightened made up for yesterday's derps by creating a very nice BAF.  See if you can find the BAF in this image.  Hint: It connects with France.  Btw, nice field @drib!!!

Enlightened BAF

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the Intel Ingress Map will bring tomorrow.  Good luck Enlightened!


-- Robert

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Free Autosomal Relationship Calculator for your Web Site

MorganSense is a Autosomal Relationships Predictions Utility.  It takes your related centiMorgans (cMs) value of two people (which you can find using FTDNA or and predicts your relationship.

This utility has been handcrafted here to be embeddable into your website or blog.

Just place the following code into your side bar.

<iframe src=""  width="195" height="585"></iframe>

Hers is the exact working copy you'll see once you deploy your code to your website.  Enjoy.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, please join our use group on FaceBook; MorganSense User Group.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

MorganSense; The Relationship Prediction Utility

Have an Autosomal DNA test done, and you'll have the opportunity to compare your DNA against others.  When you match another person, you'll get a number in centiMorgans which ties you two together.  Examining the number and other potential relationship influences, one can make a prediction as to a genetic relationship.

Genetic Relationships via centiMorgans (cMs)

While a skilled genealogist can offer a very good guess as to the meaning behind a cMs number, a tool is often necessary to help a beginner.  Thus came MorganSense, the relationship prediction utility.

I'm embedding a version of it here for you to try out, but the full version is also freely available at

There are other genealogy tools on too such as those related to GEDCOM.


Monday, August 31, 2015

How to get to Ingress level 8 in two weeks in Southern New Jersey

New to the game of Ingress?  A significant milestone of the game is getting to level 7 and then to 8, where the bursters are actually strong enough to do some damage on enemy portals.  Know that taking your time with the game, you may not see levels six or seven for a good year.  However, level 8 can be reached in under two weeks with a little more focus and effort.

How can one reach Level 8 in under two weeks you ask? Simply... put a good 1-3 hours into ingressing in a single day, and if you play the game right you can easily get 100,000 points per day.  Level 8 requires 1,200,000 action points (AP)... that would be 12 days of work.  Know that, I pulled off level eight in 13 days with little effort... so that's about right.

So whats this trick about playing the game RIGHT you may ask... well for leveling, you just need to do FOUR things...
  1. Glyph hack... and always glyph hack 
  2. Go to the right locations 
  3. Enable the mission.
  4. Circle each location three times (i.e., while the portals are not burned out)   
If you do these tasks, everything else you will need to do will fall right into place, without further explaination needed from me.

So, what are the right / best / most-awesome ingress locations in Southern New Jersey?  Here are a few...
  • Lower Cape May
  • Cape May Zoo
  • West of Cape May Zoo
  • Mays Landing
  • Birch Grove Park
  • Ocean City Boardwalk
  • Heritage Park, Absecon
  • Patriot Lake, Galloway
And with pictures...

Lower Cape May 

Stop at the Lobster House first for a delicious meal and then head to the bottom of New Jersey where you'll find many many portals to work with.

Cape May Zoo

The Cape May Zoo has had a lot of recent upgrades.  And it's portals are plentiful.  Currently there is one portal that isn't reachable... see if the park ranger will help you with it. :)


West of Cape May Zoo

Notorious for being an Enlightened farm; gates close at night.  Has lots of close portals.

Mays Landing

Another Enlightened farm.  Watch out for the frogs.

Birch Grove Park

This location actually does not seem to be routinely hit and portals there actually tend to die / time-out from inactivity.

Ocean City Boardwalk 

100,000 points guaranteed.  Enjoy your walk.

Heritage Park, Absecon 

Not a lot of portals here, but it's fun. Just north are more portals in a wooded trail and just south/west are a handful of portals in downtown Absecon on New Jersey Ave.  This is my territory and I aim to keep the skies clear and the portals blue... as you can see though, I'm not doing too well.

Patriot Lake, Galloway

This is a great place for flash farms.  Patriot Lake gets a lot of activity and is a really fun place to visit and play Ingress.


Now, I'm hoping that you didn't actually make it to this point in the article and that you began to head to one of the locations provided above.

Have fun Ingressing!