Friday, April 17, 2015

What is an Ingress Grurf?

What is an Ingress Grurf?

A green smurf (Grurf) is a an Enlightened Google Ingress player that abides by the game's Rules of Conducts and community guidelines though eliminates some key actions to give advantage to the Smurfs.

In short, there are three actions that Grurfs completely avoid, and it goes by their motto:
Never fire. Never mod. Never recharge

Avoided Enlightened (Frog) Action Resistance (Smurf) Advantage
Fire By not firing on blue portals, the blue portals will remain strong until they decay or Enlightened team members attack them.
Mod By not modding green portals, the smurfs will not encounter countermeasures in the forms of shields or torrents, allowing the smurfs to bring down green portals easier.
Recharge By not recharging green portals (under attack or weakened through decay), the Resistance gets the clear advantage of unsupported / unprotected portals to go after.

Now, why would anyone want to be a Grurf?  I don't think there would be any reasons... don't do it, no one will like you (that is neither the Enlightened team or Resistance team would appreciate your actions).

Note: Same information applies to Blogs (blue frogs).

Monday, April 13, 2015

Top Ten Questions That ANY Genealogist Can Readily Answer

Here are ten questions that any genealogy can readily answer, whereas the average person has probably NO idea what the answer could be.

  1. What is the significance of an ~3600 cMs match?
  2. Who has more shared DNA, a half sibling or a nibling?
  3. What is the year of the most current census I can access?
  4. Where is 'my' closest Family History Center?
  5. What does 3rd Cousin 1x removed mean
  6. What is "Pedigree Collapse"?
  7. In what year was civil registration of births, marriages and deaths (i.e. vital records) introduced in England & Wales?
  8. What supplemental and valuable information can you find in vital records that can help to extend ones family tree?
  9. What is an NPE?
  10. What does do?

If you are not a genealogist and could answer any of the above questions, please share what you go right in the comments section below.


All about Guitar Modes

Having trouble with guitar modes?  I tried to roll up here some information to help master the basics of the modes of the major chord... quickly.  I do this by answering the following questions:
  • What are Modes?
  • What is the History of the Mode Names?
  • How do I Remember the Mode Names?
  • What is the Quality / Style / Feel of each Mode?
  • What are the Mechanics of the Modes?
  • How Learning Modes helps to Play the Guitar

What are modes?

Modes, as defined in the book "Scales &Modes in the Beginning created especially for Guitarists" by Ron MiddleBrook (CenterStream Publications 1982) is as follows:

"A mode if formed simply be taking a scale, such as the 'C' Major scale, and instead of starting on the note C, you start from any other note in the scale an play up to the SAME note an octave higher."

For example, the key of C has seven modes; IONIAN (I, root), DORIAN (II), PHRYGIAN (III), LYDIAN (IV), MIXOLYDIAN (V), AEOLIAN (VI) and LOCRIAN (VII).  Each mode starts at a different degree, but uses the same notes of the major scale:

I   - C D E F G A B C   
II  - . D E F G A B C D 
III - . . E F G A B C D E
IV  - . . . F G A B C D E F
V   - . . . . G A B C D E F G 
VI  - . . . . . A B C D E F G A 
VII - . . . . . . B C D E F G A B

The following image shows how these modes are played on the guitar.... click on the image to enlarge it.

Guitar Modes of the Major Scale
* Note that the Lydian and Phrygian modes have similar patterns so are easy to remember together, as are Locrian and Ionian.

What is the History of the Mode Names?

The name of the modes came from the association of the feel of the musical modes to that which best characterized the different tribes of ancient times.    The exact history is spotty at best, and I believe most attempts for the layman to figure out a direct relationship here is impossible. 

Ancient people, tribes and kingdoms

How do I Remember the Mode Names?

Consider using an acrostic to help memorize the mode names. An acrostic is a poem in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line spells out a word or a message.  For example, the G-Clef sequence of music EGBDF can be remember with an acrostic: (E)very (G)ood (B)oy (D)oes (F)ine... or as my childhood music teach taught us (E)lectric (G)reen (B)ananas (D)on't (F)ly.  Similarly, we can use Acrostics to remember the modes.  Here are some mode-related acrostics I have found on the internet:


What is the Quality / Style / Feel of each Mode?

Each mode has a different feel.  The modes are listed here in the bright-to-dark order (thanks to JonPR for demonstration this in the acoustics guitar forum).   

Lydian (IV)MajorAiry, Dreamy, Floating, Anticipation, Happy* Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Country
Ionian (I)MajorBright, Happy, UpbeatRock, Country, Jazz, Fusion
Mixolydian (V)MajorBluesy, Angelical, of Youth, uniting pleasure and sadnessBlues, Country, Rockabilly, and Rock, Celtic
Dorian (II)Mountain MinorMinor Jazzy feel, Jazzy, Sophisticated, Soulful, SeriousJazz, Fusion, Blues, and Rock
Aeolian (VI)Natural/Classic MinorSad, Sorrowful, somber, unhappyPop, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Fusion, Folk
Phrygian (III)MinorSpanish Flavor, Flamenco-esque, Mystic, Vehement, Inciting angerFlamenco, Fusion, Speed Metal
Locrian (VII)Half-DiminishedDark, Sinister, Tension, Wanting to ResolveJazz, Fusion

* Some of the quality and style descriptions provided here have been discovered by reading GUITAR LESSON WORLD - MODES by Patrick MacFalane.

Here is a look at JonPR's table with a few enhancements... e.g., I added the relative key column to the left, bolded the notes when they are changed and added the frequency of the notes to help visually what is being heard.  This table shows how the next mode is reached by lowering one note for each mode down.

BE LYDIANE.F#.G#.A#B.C#.D#Emajor w/ #4
AE MIXOLYDIANE.F#.G#A.B.C#D.Emajor w/ b7
DE DORIANE.F#G.A.B.C#D.Eminor w/ maj6
FE LOCRIANEF.G.ABb.C.D.Eminor w/ b5 & b2

Freq. in Hz82.487.392.598103.8110116.5123.4130.8138.5146.8155.5164.8

What are the Mechanics of the Modes?

The mechanics are slightly different for each mode.

IonianIDo1-1-½-1-1-1-½Root -2-3-4-5-6-7-Octave

UPDATE: How Learning Modes Helps to Play the Guitar

Steve asks, "...Would you care to expand on how learning modes has actually helped you (play guitar)?", relative to a post I put up at the acoustic guitar forum:

I have tried to answer this question of how learning modes have helped me play guitar in this video.

I hope this helps you learn modes as the info has helped me. Check out the Acoustic Guitar Forum for more discussions on modes!

-- Robert

Top 20 Liguori's and their claims to Fame

Here is my list of the top 20 well-known Liguori's and their claims to Fame
(If I missed anyone really important, please comment below)

1. Saint Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori

Italian Catholic bishop, spiritual writer, scholastic philosopher and theologian.

2. Peter Liguori 

President and Chief Executive Officer of Tribune Company Inc

3. Ann Liguori

Sports radio and television personality

4. Chris Liguori

American mixed martial artist

5. Jerry Liguori

Bird of Prey photographer

6. Michael V Liguori

Natural Language Processing Expert


 7. Nicky Liguori

Author of The Adventures of Daniel and Tasco

8. Joseph Liguori

Criminal and Injury Lawyer

9. Roberta Liguori

Mental Coach

10. Stephen Liguori

Founder of Liguori Innovation

11. Riccardo Liguori


12. Michael Liguori

Power Blogger

13. Christina Liguori

Power Blogger


14. Paul Liguori

Harvard Wrestler
Website: TBD


15. Liz Liguori


16. Dr. Eric Liguori

Entrepreneur and researcher

17. Alice Liguori

Gaming YouTuber

18. Craig Liguori

"Runs the best bowling alley on Long Island" -- Craig Liguori
Website: TBD

19. Lisa Liguori

 Founder/owner of Simply Beauty Minerals

And then there's me...

20. Robert James Liguori

Technology Author

Do you know of any other well known Liguori's?  Add them to the comments below. :)

-- Robert

Pacman invades Google Ingress for April Fools

Pacman has invaded Google Ingress for April Fools

Note that I apparently got it early with a ingress reinstall, and with an issue with the scanner finding the right location...  APRIL FOOLS everyone!!!

-- Robert

Enaging with Liguori Surname Resources

Giuseppe Pasquale Liguori (born 1879 Troia, Italy)

You are! Great!  Well then, you'd probably like to know that there are some great resources that support communication and genealogy research on the Liguori surname.  And here they are:

Btw, do you know of any other research related resources for the Liguori Surname in performing genealogy research?

If you do, please add the info to the comments section below and I'll update the above list.

-- Robert

Note: Here is my Liguori Family tree on Ancestry.  The ancestry here goes back to Troia, Foggia Italy.  I have traced it back to the 1800s, and could use help finding the brothers and sisters of my great-great-great-grandfather Gaetano Liguori, so I can link in more families.

My experience buying Twitter followers

On 07/20/2014 at 2:47 EDT, I purchased 2000+ followers from a service provider  on provides many services and products for just five dollars. At the time of my order there were 7 orders in the queue (I became the eighth), so I expected to wait for fulfillment.

My expectation was to receive 2000+ new followers within the next 24 hours.  With delight, the results came faster, much much faster.

New Followers Fulfillment

Just before 3:00 p.m., I started with around 600 followers (see image below). At exactly 2:57, I received my receipt for my puchase of new followers.

587 users, before purchase

By 4:30 p.m., I had 3,153 followers (see image below).

3,153 users, after service was completed

So, I expected ~2,000 new followers as I purchased, but actually got over 2,500 new followers in just under 1 1/2 hours.  Wahoo!  Thank you Fiverr!

Ability to 'Follow over 2000 users' Enabled

Also, with this increase number in followers, I was able to exceed the 2,000 follower mark which now enabled me to  follow over 2,000 users.  So, right away, I was able to add another 1,000 users to follow.  Note that I selectively chose verified users to follow as I knew these are 'real' people and I would have a higher probability of them following me back.  Also, with verified users, many fans will chose to follow who they elect to follow or who are following them.... this would also increase my likelihood of getting additional followers.
Verified Twitters

 Note that verified twitterers have a white check in a light blue circle next to their name.

Verified Badge

Now I've read in other blogs that Twitter will eventually detect these 'fake' followers and peel them off, terminating their accounts... but in the interim, I will be able to follow more of the users I would like to and also increase my clout (and klout) at the same time.

The Final Win

 So where is the win in this awkward ruse?  Well, my phone keeps buzzing with indications of new users, that's a win!  But on the other hand... the following count is already going down!?!  It has dropped from over 3,150 to 3,139 in the short time it took me to write this blog post.   Well, just keep an eye on the 3,150 benchmark... if it's over... it's working, if it's under, not so much.
 Follow @Gliesians      

As always, I hope you have found this blog post most useful,

-- Robert