Saturday, August 30, 2014

Matching up centiMorgans (cMs) with relationships

Are you trying to match up centiMorgans (cMs) with genealogical relationships?

If so, check out the chart below (click on it to ENLARGE).  Note that the percents and ranges provided in the notes are relative to the relationships in the corresponding horizontal rows (i.e., not the columns).

Mapping relationships to centiMorgans (cMs) - click to enlarge

Also note that this chart work pretty good with the results returned when using

-- Robert

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top 20 Liguori's and their claims to Fame

Here is my list of the top 20 well-known Liguori's and their claims to Fame
(If I missed anyone really important, please comment below)

1. Saint Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori

Italian Catholic bishop, spiritual writer, scholastic philosopher and theologian.

2. Peter Liguori 

President and Chief Executive Officer of Tribune Company Inc

3. Ann Liguori

Sports radio and television personality

4. Chris Liguori

American mixed martial artist

5. Jerry Liguori

Bird of Prey photographer

6. Michael V Liguori

Natural Language Processing Expert


 7. Nicky Liguori

Author of The Adventures of Daniel and Tasco

8. Roberta Liguori

Mental Coach

9. Dr. Eric Liguori

Entrepreneur and researcher

10. Stephen Liguori

Founder of Liguori Innovation

11. Riccardo Liguori


12. Michael Liguori

Power Blogger

13. Christina Liguori

Power Blogger


14. Paul Liguori

Harvard Wrestler
Website: TBD


15. Liz Liguori


16. Laura Liguori

Technology Lawyer
Website: TBD

17. Alice Liguori

Gaming YouTuber

18. Craig Liguori

"Runs the best bowling alley on Long Island" -- Craig Liguori
Website: TBD

19. Lisa Liguori

 Founder/owner of Simply Beauty Minerals

And then there's me...

20. Robert James Liguori

Technology Author

Do you know of any other well known Liguori's?  Add them to the comments below. :)

-- Robert

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Experiences with the Last Name Liguori

Liguori is a fantastic surname to have (especially when pronounced correctly), but you either already know this or someone may have already told you as well. :)

In the spirit of having and sharing such a wonderful name, here are the TOP TEN experiences for people who share the last name Liguori...


10. Someone has asked you if a family with the last name Liguori (that lives 300 miles away) is related to you.

9. Older folks have asked if you are related to the Olympian Marty Liquori

8. Growing up, you've frequently found yourself alphabetically seated in the middle of the classroom because of the letter 'L'.

7. You've have stumbled upon well known Liguori's when googling your own name, e.g., ...

6.  You have spent time, trying to do cool things with your last name.

5. You were delighted when you found out there was a saint named Liguori (Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori). And even more intrigued to see that his following of Redemptorists has persisted through Liguori Publications... headquartered at One Liguori Drive, Liguori Missouri.

4.  Your dad has said something along the lines to you, "I'm [first-name] Liguori, and that's the story".

3. Dozens of people have spelled your name with a 'q' instead of a 'g'.  And when signing up for things important (as in on the phone), you've made sure that they used the 'g'.

2.  When researching and building your family tree, you've noticed that your relatives, regardless of generation always stayed close together (geographically).

Liguori Family, originating in Troia, Foggia Italy and settling together in Brooklyn, NY

1. As a child you were called Linquini by your friends and schoolmates

Well, having such a cool name as Liguori, you must've had some more cool experiences that you could share... please add them in the comments section below!

-- Robert

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams has died and the respectful tweets have arrived

Here are some tweets of the famous and the funny missing Robin...
And my own...

Robin, thanks for the laughs and the good times! -- Robert

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Enaging with Liguori Surname Resources

Are you a Liguori?  That is, was your mother or father of Liguori descent?

Giuseppe Pasquale Liguori (born 1879 Troia, Italy)

You are! Great!  Well then, you'd probably like to know that there are some great resources that support communication and genealogy research on the Liguori surname.  And here they are:

Btw, do you know of any other research related resources for the Liguori Surname in performing genealogy research?

If you do, please add the info to the comments section below and I'll update the above list.

-- Robert

Note: Here is my Liguori Family tree on Ancestry.  The ancestry here goes back to Troia, Foggia Italy.  I have traced it back to the 1800s, and could use help finding the brothers and sisters of my great-great-great-grandfather Gaetano Liguori, so I can link in more families.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My experience buying Twitter followers

On 07/20/2014 at 2:47 EDT, I purchased 2000+ followers from a service provider  on provides many services and products for just five dollars. At the time of my order there were 7 orders in the queue (I became the eighth), so I expected to wait for fulfillment.

My expectation was to receive 2000+ new followers within the next 24 hours.  With delight, the results came faster, much much faster.

New Followers Fulfillment

Just before 3:00 p.m., I started with around 600 followers (see image below). At exactly 2:57, I received my receipt for my puchase of new followers.

587 users, before purchase

By 4:30 p.m., I had 3,153 followers (see image below).

3,153 users, after service was completed

So, I expected ~2,000 new followers as I purchased, but actually got over 2,500 new followers in just under 1 1/2 hours.  Wahoo!  Thank you Fiverr!

Ability to 'Follow over 2000 users' Enabled

Also, with this increase number in followers, I was able to exceed the 2,000 follower mark which now enabled me to  follow over 2,000 users.  So, right away, I was able to add another 1,000 users to follow.  Note that I selectively chose verified users to follow as I knew these are 'real' people and I would have a higher probability of them following me back.  Also, with verified users, many fans will chose to follow who they elect to follow or who are following them.... this would also increase my likelihood of getting additional followers.
Verified Twitters

 Note that verified twitterers have a white check in a light blue circle next to their name.

Verified Badge

Now I've read in other blogs that Twitter will eventually detect these 'fake' followers and peel them off, terminating their accounts... but in the interim, I will be able to follow more of the users I would like to and also increase my clout (and klout) at the same time.

The Final Win

 So where is the win in this awkward ruse?  Well, my phone keeps buzzing with indications of new users, that's a win!  But on the other hand... the following count is already going down!?!  It has dropped from over 3,150 to 3,139 in the short time it took me to write this blog post.   Well, just keep an eye on the 3,150 benchmark... if it's over... it's working, if it's under, not so much.

As always, I hope you have found this blog post most useful,

-- Robert

Gibson Electric Guitar on Display at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution building (the castle) is located in Washington D.C.  This complex hosts the Smithsonian Information Center, the Institution’s administrative headquarters and some small nice exhibits including the souvenir museum.

Smithsonian Institution Building

  Gibson Electric Guitar on display!

 The Gibson Les Paul is a solid body electric guitar that was initially sold in 1952.  To my surprise and delight one of these guitars was on display at the Smithsonian's souvenir museum.  At first I though it was a 1952 model, but the placard says it's a 1984.

Gibson Electric Guitar

Signature Models and popularity

Not only has the Gibson Les Paul been regularly adopted and used, many signature models have been established (as also noted by Wikipedia).
  • Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, John Sykes,Peter Framption, Michael Bloomfield, Pete Townshend, Ace Frehley, Billy Gibbons, Buckethead, Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Eric Clapton, Steve Jones, Marc Bolan, Lou Pallo, Matt Heafy, Paul Landers, Paul Kossoff, Chard Kroeger

Volume and Tone

The volume and tone controls are key elements to the Gibson Les Paul, as demonstrated here by Joe Bonamassa.

Another look

Here is another look at the Gibson Les Paul in the Smithsonian.  Considering a trip to D.C. to see it for yourself is worthwhile.  I would personally be interested in learning more information about this specific guitar on display if it was available. :)

In Action

 Here's Eric Clapton playing "I'm Tore Down" on a Gibson Les Paul.



Update: I was just told that Phil Lesh's "Eye of Horus" Bass guitar is also on display in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.  I wonder what other guitars are also in the Smithsonian.

As always, I hope you have enjoyed this blog entry.

Note: For a much more comprehensive exhibit on Les Paul's guitars,  the Waukesha County Museum now has it's own Les Paul Exhibit